Anything that hangs and swings can be used as a pendulum for divination.  After cleansing and purifying your chosen object you can ask it “yes” or “no” questions and take note of the direction it swings.

Hold the item perfectly still while dangling between two fingers.  Ask the object to please show you “yes” and wait to see if it swings in a particular direction.  Then ask it to please show you “no” and see if it responds in the opposite direction from yes.  You can ask another question you know the answer to and see if it responds the same ways just to double check.  If so, you can begin asking the questions you would like yes or no answers to.  It may also swing indeterminately.  This is either a question that can’t be answered or it has no answer. 

After working with the pendulum thank it for it’s help.  Like any tool, the more you work with it the more it learns and responds to you.

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