A series of fortunate happenstance led to what we decided to call The Wicked Wand Shoppe.

A friend mentioned they had Ash wood if anyone wanted to make themselves a wand. I had received a beautiful wand from my husband’s Grandmother that I absolutely adored, but I saw this as an opportunity to have one created by me for me. Making tools allows energy and intent to be added and this seemed like a perfect time to create a wand.

I asked my husband to procure the wood from our friend and before I had a chance to even see the wood, he had hand carved the most beautiful creations. Different types of wood kept making their way to us and he kept creating. He instantly caught the woodworking bug and hasn’t stopped since.

What started as one wand has slowly turned into a hodgepodge of handcrafted oddities and curiosities.  We combined our love of herbs, crystals, sculpting, and woodworking into a rewarding passion. 

We now handcraft wands, brooms, pillows, pendulums, candle holders, bowls, chalices, crystal ball holders, boxes, altar tiles, and other odds and oddities. We work with the properties of wood, stones, and herbs to create handmade, unique and personal items.