Hand Carved Lightning Struck Linden Wand

This beautifully powerful wand is made from Linden wood that was struck by lightning, an Amethyst inlay, and Clear Quartz Crystals at each end.

Linden (Basswood) is sacred to Sagittarius and the element Air; and its planetary association is Jupiter.  Linden wands are used for star magic, enchantments, healing, creativity, love, and enlightenment.  Linden is also useful for prophecy and protection.   It is associated with immortality and is said to promote peaceful sleep.  Linden also be used for cleansing, binding, rebirth, obligation, peace, blocking unwanted forces, and bringing about positive change. 

Amethyst is a peaceful and protective stone.  It increases spiritual awareness and psychic abilities, promotes inner peace, aids in communication, transformation and meditation; helps to balance, relieves stress, and assists in healing the body, mind and soul.  It is also used to alleviate sadness, grief, anger, fear, and anxiety. 

Clear Quartz Crystal is sacred to all astrological signs and to all elements.  It is known as a master healer.  It amplifies, absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Clear Quartz helps you attune to your higher self and protects against negativity.  Relieves stress, soothes irritability, balances mood swings; and dispels anger, fear, and anxiety. It is also used for harmony, healing, psychic abilities, clarity, and calmness.  Clear Quartz is a great all-purpose crystal.