Dies Lunae - Day of the Moon

Monday - Dies Lunae - Day of the Moon Key Words: Dreams, Divination, Feminine Energy, Family

Your intent and purpose is what is most important in whatever you are trying to manifest. Just like using the properties of herbs, oils, and stones to help achieve your goals, using the days of the week (along with Moon phases, planetary movement, and time of day) can help help focus your mind and add energy to the task at hand.  But don't feel you have to wait for a cosmic occurrence every time because the best time for magick is always when you need it.

The Day of the Moon is a powerful day for psychic development, dreams, divination, insight, wisdom, feminine energy, working with water or the fae, emotions, home, family and domestic matters. Moonstone is sacred to the Moon and and its element is water. It is used for protection, travel, relieving, stress, intuition, emotional healing, physical healing, love, divination, and psychic abilities. Moonstone is also a stone of new beginnings

Selenite is a great mineral to use during the Full Moon, as it gets it name from the Greek Moon Goddess Selene. Selenite can help bring clarity to the mind when used during mediation. This Oak Wand was created using Moonstone, Garnet, and Clear Quartz. We joined opposing elements of Fire and Water, and the Sun and Moon, to create something greater. While they may be opposites they understand, fear, and respect the danger of the other. Clear Quartz was added as a balance between the two elements because it is sacred to all astrological signs and to all elements. It is known as a master healer and a great all-purpose crystal.