Are Wands Required?

The short answer is, no. You do not need special tools when crafting. Your energy and your intent are the main forces behind your power.

With that being said, using tools allows you to harness the energy and properties of that object to enhance your own power.

Wands can also be useful to those beginning their journey.  It can help the user to visualize their intent by using an object they can hold and see. Learning your own power takes time and dedication. If using tools along the way helps you achieve your desired outcome then by all means use them. The journey you are on is your own and how you reach the end is decided by you. One size does not fit all.

The tools you work with can also absorb your essence and energy. They grow with you and can become powerful objects that help you on your path.

Which is why it is best to cleanse and purify any newly obtained item you use in your craft before you work with it. Objects retain some energy of every hand it passes through. You want your tools imbued with your magic, not someone else's bad energy.

So, wands are not a requirement, but working with tools does have its benefits. Using dedicated altar or ritual tools that are constantly working to help you manifest your intent, become powerful assets in your mystical toolbox.